Residential & Commercial Cleaning

We provide a wide range of cleaning and sanitizing services.
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Custom Blinds?

Choose from a wide array of blinds to complement any room...
Carpet Cleaning

We guarantee our superior carpet cleaning results with a 100% satisfaction guarantee; the best in the business.

Sofa Cleaning

Our steam cleaning technicians are equipped the most advance machinery to provide upholstery cleaning.

Custom Blinds

Get the perfect size, the right fabric color, privacy and light control, and the desired functional insulating and room darkening benefits.

Pest Control

Our Pest Control reputation boasts quality pest control services, protecting our customers across Jamaica since 1992.

Our Mission

To be the premier company in the manufacturing of quality blinds to companies, institutions and households through the effective combination of teamwork, innovation and motivated staff for the sustained viability and profitability of the company.

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Our Vision

To be the premier manufacturing, distributing and service company specializing in blinds manufacturing, sanitization and pest control services.

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Our Core Values

The delivery of our mission requires staff who are caring, innovative and committed to personal excellence and who have the following values:

  • - Integrity and Honesty
  • - Respect for the Individual
  • - Passion for Excellence
  • - Accountability and Teamwork
  • - Professionalism and Commitment
  • - Dedication to making other better
  • - Service and result oriented
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